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It’s Time To Take Charge of Your Sex Life

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Growing up, I had a mother who was very open about everything. It was just the two of us for a long time, so she took it upon herself to make sure she taught me everything that she wished she knew when she was a young girl, going through changes and feeling all of the feels. She always encouraged me to be comfortable with my body and to not feel ashamed for wanting to express myself, wear what I choose to wear or even run around naked if I felt like it. But equally, it was also okay to just not wanna talk about it sometimes, as my body changed and gradually morphed into a woman. I definitely learned from her that it can be a very personal experience. 

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Learn, The Spice Cabinet

5 Health Benefits of Getting It On

Sex is freakin’ awesome, isn’t it? And gosh darnit, it can feel so good. But you know what? It’s not just an enjoyable thing to do every now and then (or a lot). Doing the deed is actually good for your health! And to add to that, studies have shown that having regular sex is even better for your overall wellbeing. So next time you’re thinking about taking a trip to pleasure town, remember that you’re actually doing something really great for your health too.

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