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Snacking Is Serious Business

Teaching online classes, bookwork and many projects creates a busy schedule where snacking is a necessity. I don’t only try to pick up healthy snacks for when I’m moving, but for when I’m in rest mode too. I’m the type of human who really likes a snack with both crunch and energy. To find a good balance between the two is hard, but Localle has done it in style!

Think about delicious bite-sized superfood clusters with exotic flavours, chocolate, hemp hearts and maca root. Not only are they gluten-free, but they have this crunch and texture that I’m really digging. Localle calls it “crackle” and to be fair, they are right. After every bite there’s this satisfaction while hearing the crack of each cluster.

Localle is filled with feel-good ingredients – as I mentioned before. Hemp hearts are a versatile plant and absolutely packed with protein. Maca root might be new to you, but this Peruvian Ginseng found high in the Andes can help to boost your energy and nourish the body’s endurance. Then we have the chocolate! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, this adds in some of that extra POP!

You can choose from 4 amazing flavours of the Chocolate Hemp Crackle – Banana Brazil & Maca, Almond Pecan & Maca, Pistacho Tart Cherry & Maca (My favourite!!) and Cashew Ginger & Maca.

Balance is key and while from time to time I go for the chocolate bars or pie, it’s nice to have a snack that really helps my body inside and out. Especially during this time of year, I’m pretty excited to have these snacks around. It’s time to get adventurous, so I’m starting with Localle.

Looking to get your serious snack on too? Use code WILDROGA30 for 30% off of your order on!

Ro Nwosu is a Yoga + Movement Facilitator. She’s an International Yoga Teacher based in Renfrew where she owns Movement. She’s a pie enthusiast and experience junkie who uses laughter and dance to train and inspire others. Exploring motivates Ro’s love of travel, health and learning.  When she’s not teaching you can always find her helping within the community, couch surfing, hiking or enjoying getaways.

Photos by Ro Nwosu

Please note that this is a sponsored post.

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