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Fall Outdoor Exploring Essentials

Okay so the weather is changing and fast, but does that mean that your desire to get outside should also change as well? Heck no it shouldn’t! So how does that old saying go? There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices… am I right?

Okay, while I do believe that some weather just can’t be beaten and only calls for a nice warm night inside by the fire with some hot cocoa, there definitely are some great tools out there that can help you. The Fall is actually a great time to explore the wilderness, but you do want to make sure that you’re equipped with all of the right gear. I won’t be talking about the obvious ones, since well… they’re pretty obvious. Yes, you need warm clothing and layers, my friends! But here are a few must-haves that you actually might not know that you need too!

Leatherman Multitool – FREE™ T4

Okay so it’s no secret that I absolutely love my Leatherman multitool – I carry it around with me everywhere! But now I’m even more excited to bring it along on my next adventure because the latest version of the Free T4 comes in so many cute new colours, all inspired by the natural landscapes of Leatherman’s home state of Oregon. It’s super portable, packed with 12 tools – all ideal implements to tackle all problems at hand. This includes a knife blade, scissors to cut those loose threads or even your fishing line, and a box cutter to open up packages on the go.

Hydroflask – Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid

Yet another item that never leaves my side, I’ve got one in every colour and size! I even have one that fits an entire bottle of wine and I’m not remotely sorry about it. These vacuum insulated stainless steel bpa-free water bottles keep whatever liquid you decide to hold in it, just the right temperature for a long time. With many different sizes, colours and accessories, they keep adding even more to their collection. Reinventing the coffee category, their new Flex Sip™ lid lets you enjoy your favourite brew worry-free and leak-free! And that’s a big one for me when I’m out exploring, my friends. I want to be able to throw whatever the heck I bring along with me, right into my bag without having to think about it leaking or being a hassle in any way, shape or form. 

Keen Shoes – Terradora Collection

Keeping your feet dry, comfy and protected while you’re exploring is pretty darn important, so that’s why I love Keen Shoes. Their waterproof game has yet to be beaten! Honestly, I recommend them to everyone. Not only are they super practical and able to withstand almost every situation you’re in, they’re also pretty darn cute! Whether you’re hiking in the woods or walking around the city, their Terradora Collection is great for all seasons. I’ve even used mine to do some trail running. The brand itself is all about community, inclusivity and respect – now that’s something I can get behind and am always happy to support. 

Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles

Okay so you’ve got the shoes and yeah they may be super comfy, but now it’s time to think long-term about your body overall! Adding a pair of insoles into your shoes can do wonders, no matter what you’re getting up to. Regardless of the activity, Superfeet have got you covered… or really darn supported, I guess! They have insoles for sports like hockey, or for exploring, running or just every day comfort! My favourite ones are the Trailblazer Comfort Insoles because they help to stabilize your feet on uneven ground, while minimizing hot spots and blisters. Just hop onto their website and take a quick quiz with the insole finder in order to find out which ones are right for you!

Firebox Folding Campfire Stove

This one might be a bit more hardcore for some of you, but I love the idea of having a camping stove/portable campfire at my disposal at all times while I’m out exploring. And how about one that folds and fits easily right into your bag and is super lightweight too? The Gen2 5″ Folding Firebox Campfire Stove is a multi-fuel cook stove with versatility, able to utilize wood and other fuels found in nature, as well as charcoal, gas burners, alcohol burners and more. It’s sturdy, easy to set up and stable enough to hold small cookware. You can also grab different sizes and accessories too. Why not enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick warm meal? Having a portable campfire is great for those day trips or even when camping! And trust me when I say that having quick access to fire if needed in an emergency isn’t exactly a bad idea.

Now get out there and go exploring this Fall season!




Please note that this is a sponsored post. Photos by Catherine Sugrue & Firebox.

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