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A Quick Guide To Healthy Snacking While On The Go

Listen, I know we’re all busy and that it can be quite hard to stay on track sometimes. But I honestly believe that you make time for what’s important to you. Now, I’m gonna repeat that one again: you make time for what’s important to you. And your health just has to be important to you. This isn’t me trying to shame you here, I’m just trying to advocate for you when you’ve dropped the ball on doing it for yourself. We spend so much time and energy taking care of others, that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Well, you can’t pour from an empty cup, folks. It’s that simple.

There are tons of different ways to take care of yourself. And one of those ways is to be mindful of what you’re putting in your body. And yeah, it can be quite hard to stay on track while being busy and always on the go – I get it, it can be super stressful. But the next time you’re looking for a snack, I want you to take a step back, take a deep mindful breath, and then think about a few tips and tricks that I want you to add to your healthy tool belt (yes, I’m making this a thing now).

Keep it simple (don’t overthink it).

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to eat a whole bunch of weird healthy ingredients or always jump onto the latest trend. You can just eat something like a fruit or a vegetable – honestly. But if you are looking for prepared or pre-packaged foods, the key is to always just keep the ingredients as clean, simple and minimal as possible. Let’s drop the over-complication of healthy eating and work on reducing that stress – which means the simpler the better. Cause if you’re stressed, you won’t digest your food properly anyways and it can lead to a whole myriad of other issues. Just breathe, you’ve got this.

Drop the labels.

Your food is your fuel, so let’s just think about it that way. If you wanna have chicken and veggies for a snack at 10am, just do it. Who says that you only need to eat “beige food” or sugary cereals in the morning? It’s okay to do things like have some of your leftover dinner for a little snack in order to fill you up, anytime during the day. You wanna have a bit of chocolate for breakfast? Do it. Yeah, a nutritionist just told you to do that (But hey, I’m not talking about scarfing down a Snickers bar here, I’m just sayin’…)

What is your body actually telling you?

Are you actually hungry or are you just bored? Are you hungry or are you thirsty? Just take a minute to ask yourself these questions before you grab something just because you can. I’m not saying not to eat, just make sure you’re actually in need of some food and not just trying to satiate some kind of craving. Having more protein at breakfast will also help to curb that 2pm crash – you know, that one where all you wanna do is smash chocolate and coffee directly into your face hole. Things like healthy fats and fibre will also keep you fuller for longer, so make sure that you’re getting in enough of those foods during the day. A great example of this, and quite a good combo if you ask me, is something like apples and almond butter. 

Be prepared.

If you can, be sure to carry healthy snacks around with you while on the go. I always have something with me in my bag or purse – mostly cause I just love food, but also cause it stops me from having the excuse to go out and get something else instead. I also always have protein bars or healthy packaged foods in my car. You’ve gotta vote with your dollars on what is important to you – crappy junk food on the go, or having something ready and nourishing already prepared in advance. You can even take the time while you’re meal prepping, or preparing your kids lunches. Heck, you can even buy pre-made food and set some aside for snacking or to take along with you. 

If not, then just try to choose wisely.

Okay, so you’re not prepared. Maybe you forgot to prep something or grab something to take with you on the go. Heck, maybe you’re still hungry and that’s okay. But, make just better choices. Most places have decent options – pharmacies, coffee shops, airports, gas stations, en routes, etc – there are healthier choices, it’s just a matter of making them and using your noggin a bit when looking them over.

Okay, so now do ya want a couple of easy tasty recipes for healthy snacking on the go? Well don’t you worry, I’ve got you.

Chocolate Nut Butter Energy Balls

These tasty little treats are jam-packed with healthy fibre, fats and even protein.


1/2 cup soaked walnuts (or nuts or seeds of choice)

6-9 dates (about 6-8), pitted

2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter or almond butter (or seed butter of choice)

Handful of dark chocolate chunks (as much or as little as you want)

1 tbsp ground or whole chia seeds

1 tsp hemp hearts

pinch cinnamon

pinch sea salt

Sprinkling of raw cacao powder (to roll balls in after)

Optional ingredients: 1 TBSP protein powder of choice, 1/2 tsp collagen powder


Soak the dates and nuts for about 15-20 mins, in order to soften.

Blend all ingredients in food processor until smooth. Roll into balls and then roll in the raw cacao powder to coat. Refrigerate. Keeps for about a week in the fridge (if you don’t eat them all first).

Mason Jar Veggies with Dip

This simple snacking idea is a tasty and healthy grab-and-go option!

Grab a mason jar and fill the bottom with dip of choice – like hummus! Slice veggies length-wise and place vertically into the dip inside of the jar. Close the lid and throw into fridge or take it with you right away. It’s super easy. I love that you can use mason jars for almost anything – salads, smoothies, chia pudding, oats – etc! 

No excuses, my friends. You’ve got this!




Photos by Catherine Sugrue

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